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Cytokines and Peptide is the most advanced key ingredient for Cosmetics.
■ What is "Cytokine"
Recently, we hear many about Cytokine word. Cytokine is a one of the protein, that is secreted from cell and it notifies a information to particular cell and  bring about it various effects in the body.It works from very very low concentration like a hormone. Interferon is the first found among Cytokines.  Interferon is so famous to be related to a virus proliferation impediment, cell proliferation control, immunity strength.  At the present more than hundreds of Cytokines is already discovered. Many doctors and Researcher in the world is now researching each Cytokines to be medicine.


■ EGF ( Epidermal Growth Factor)

EGF is the first Cytokines used for cosmetics. It is composed 53 pcs amino acids and work for skin cell growth factor . It is discovered by US doctor, Stanley Cohen and he has got a Nobel prize due to the achievements  in 1986.

When they put EGF to skin.

- Reduce and prevent lines and wrinkles by actively generating new skin cells
- Enhance tone for skin that brimming with vitality & energy
- Nourish skin that appears smoother, brighter & regains its youthful look
- Eliminate scars on face by forming new skin cells


■ Placenta and Growth Factor

Generally, any Growth Factor decrease after 18-14years old' peak.  They say 11 kinds of diffrent Growth Factor contains in Placenta that wraps an embryo. So that, Placenta is good for beauty and health. We can expect such effect as moisturizing,  skin vitalization, whitening and anti-wrinkle.

■ Several Cytokines is authorized with the medical supplies.

One of the Cytokines , bFGF ( basic Fibroblast Growth Factor) is used for Scar treatment and Burn treatment.  IL2 (Interlaken -2) and HGF (hepatocyte growth factor) are authorized as the medical supplies and medical supplies.  Nowadays, another Cytokines are studied for medical supplies.


■ Contemporary bio-technology enabled cytokines to be a cosmetics materials.
There was the idea that they use cytokines to be a cosmetics materials from the before.   However, the cost of any cytokines was the biggest barrier of the idea.

However, thanks to the recent bio-technology progress has made the cost of EGF ( though still expensive ), we can use EGF for cosmetics.


GF Nano Essence ( Our Basic Item)

GF Nano Essence Character

1. EGF (Epidermal Growth Factor) + IGF (Insulin-like Growth Factor)+ aFGF( Acidic Fibroblast Growth Factor)  total 1ppm - Any growth factor in body is around Pico level .   1ppm concentration is One million times bigger than body.
2. Pure (100%) nano solution liquid - Nano solution liquid is easy to get into skin.
3. Raw  recombinant  Growth Factor ( Non freeze dry procedure )
4. Non heating procedure

GF ( growth factor) makes the skin to be thick.

Cytokines  decrease by age



How to Use

1. Morning and night, after wash face, put GF Nano Essence to face. After it, you apply Tonic Lotion , Serum or Cream.

2. You also can mix GF nano essence to your favorite



Ingredient :



Please quit to use cosmetics, if it dose not fit your skin.

 If continue to use by as follows Symptom, it might be more serious.

 We suggest to consults to any dermatology medical specialist.

    (1Becoming swollen redness, Itchy, stimulation etc

Please do not use damage and swelling place.

Please do not touch the top of  Spoid  to your skin.

Please tighten the cap after use.

Testimonial GF Nano Essence


User's voice

- Eye Surrounding small wrinkles gets to be almost diminishing in 2 weeks.   - Ootsu-City  (52 years old)

- Skin gets to be soft and pores to be small in 4-5days  - Kishiwada city ( 42years old)

- I feel the liquid penetrate into skin deep - Hikone-city  (49 years old)

- I feel my home to be a esthetic saloon -   Shiga Pref. (41 years old)

- Very heavy acne on face gets to be cure -  Oumihachiman-city (23 years old)


Tests in clinic ( 4weeks test by clinic)

- Pores gets to be small.

- Wrinkles gets to be un-visible.

- Skin Surface gets to be elastics

- Skin tone gets to be lighten

- Skin gests to be lift up.

EGF Function
- Reduce and prevent lines and wrinkles by actively generating new skin cells
- Enhance tone for skin that brimming with vitality & energy
- Nourish skin that appears smoother, brighter & regains its youthful look
- Eliminate scars on face by forming new skin cells

EGF and IGF-I increase cell proliferation in to relation to ECM composition

IGF function
- Treat the appearance of lines and wrinkles
- Increases skin's own collagen & elastin levels and reduce blotchiness
- Refine texture glides effectively and slim your face and body with a fat burning effect
- Strengthen hair while stimulating hair follicles to produce strong hair shaft

IGF-1 has additional effect in conjunction with constant level of insulin on keratinocyte proliferation.

aFGF Function
- Strengthen skin elasticity by inducing the synthesis of collagen and elastin
- Skin rejuvenator involves in normal growth, healing & wound repair
- Promote hair growth and inhibit depigmentation of hair
- Help blood circulation in the scalp and revitalizing hair follicles

FGF-1 induces endothelial cell proliferation.


The effect of a/the site piece in rises as density increases.

(Almost 10 times density with an/the effect 3 times) performance evaluation

Dr.Brawn Clinical test data (United States Patent#5,618,544)

-  0.1ppm EGF combined cream for 32years to 62yeas ladies for 60days.

- The cell growth was 389% average and max was 872%.

- The aged lady is more high growth than younger ladies.


new cell generating by EGF/age